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S8: Episode 9 - Brian and Joy McCulloch Grew their Business Over Pandemic with $0 Marketing!

It was our pleasure to have interviewed the lovely couple Brian and Joy McCulloch. Joy is a junior high and high school physical education teacher, mountain biker and college basketball player. She began Big Wheel Coaching in 2010 then Brian joined the business in 2016. He has 15 years of professional road mountain bike and gravel racing experience.

Big Wheel Coaching (BWC) has grown to become the leader in the industry for helping guide athletes to and beyond their goals. Together they grew Big Wheel Coaching for about 46% in client load in the first 4-6 months of the pandemic with zero marketing.

They have clients from different countries where they can track their record of run, hike and/or bike using Strava. For 6 weeks they pull off the pace of the segment to costume train their clients.

Their heart goes out to all fit pros out there just grinding in the trenches to meet their business thrive and survive to unprecedented times. Bad news over bad news, everything can be bad news, it’s only in our perspective on how we deal with it.

BWC exists to serve athletes, to help them see that they have massive potential. That they can help close the gap from where the athlete is today to be able to achieve their potential.

Their business, BWC, a lot of it happens very organically and they never put money in the marketing. Until they have the chance to hire another coach because the business is growing. Their coaching business is a great example of the power of word of mouth, where people seek for their help because other people recommend them.

As coaches, they did not impose perfection. They want their clients to feel that it’s okay to be vulnerable, to give yourself some grace. If the challenge that you are trying to achieve fails, it’s okay, move on. Reframe it and do something different.


  • Every economy has winners and losers. Just because the economy is losing doesn’t mean there aren’t winners out there.

  • You do the work, you get the result, you feel good about it.

  • It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to hang it out there and get after. Wherever you’re starting today, just start and give yourself some grace.

  • Be kind always, you’ll never know who you’ll bump into from a long time ago. They can become your client.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Brian and Joy on how they overcame and grew their business over the pandemic period. If you wish to connect with Brian and Joy visit their website at, find them on Instagram at, Facebook at, Twitter at, or email them directly at

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