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S8: Episode 11 - The Language of Coaching with Nick Winkelman

This week on Overcomer’s Podcast we have the amazing Nick Winkelman. Nick Winkelman is the head of athletic performance & science for the Irish Rugby Football Union and the author of the book called The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement.

Nick shared on how we can communicate with people with the language that they “speak”, not literally their language but talking to them in a way you can get to their inner being, the “Why” they do things.

He got obsessed in a healthy way with the intercession between what a coach says, how they say it, when to say it, how much they say. And ultimately the impact that has on the athletes, on the exerciser’s ability to process, apply their movement to move better.

He shared about Taoist philosophy; Jing, Qi, Shen. Shen is the light given off, that’s what is then transmitted into the world. So a coach needs to seek consistency in their energy in the ways to show up to clients. Because there are times that clients need energy boost and at the end, the coach is going to project that, to lift the client up.

Ultimately, Nick wanted to impart the idea of being utterly present in the moment, to be conscious and aware of thought, of action, of others and in their interplay. He said that it’s not easy, and it’s a lifetime of difficulty to achieve.


  1. Two large form of communication:

    1. Interpersonal - connecting with you as a person

    2. Movement Communication - connecting with you as an embodied movement system that thinks and feels and is aware.

  2. Learning someone’s language that can only be possible from a blank slate, blank canvas, powerful listening and listening doesn’t take personalities.

  3. Utterly present in the moment and it needs practice.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Nick Winkelman and how he shared ways to connect not just you and to your client or the people around you, but you to yourself. If you wish to connect with Nick Winkelman, visit his website, at Instagram at, Facebook at, or email him directly at or you can purchase his book here:

For more of the Overcomer’s Podcast, check out our website at or listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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