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S8: Episode 12 - Yancy Culp Journey in Co-Founding Deka: “Fitness Improves and Changes Lives”

This week on Overcomer’s Podcast we are graced with the presence of the Co-founder and the director of Deka, Yancy Culp. He’s a Spartan SGX Coach; Certified Personal Trainer for 18 years, HumanN/BeetElite Active Lifestyle Coach, Power Systems Master Coach, DEKAFIT from the creators of Spartan Program Manager, US Army BOSS Strong Alpha Warrior Coach.

Yancy shared how they created the Deka. He said that as long as a person can walk and breathe then he is able to step into a Deka inspired training class or Deka event. Deka as he explained is not a fitness exercise but a basic movement for survival way back 2,000 or 3,000 years ago. People then were lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling down and standing back up, getting over obstacles in life. And even the transportation then was skiing and biking. So that was the Deka all about.

Deka hasn’t any single movement that you’re taught how to do or that’s dangerous but when you combine all ten, they make a phenomenal well rounded fitness test, as Yancy explained.

They tried different things out, there were 50 movements and 9 that were just perfect and then finally landed on the 10th. All muscle groups are used, balance and coordination are also very important.

Yancy believed that if you take care of your body when you were in your early years then you’ll wake up in your 70s and be able to say yes to what the world will give and can serve your loved ones even in your old age.

He added that getting heart rate up, what happens chemically in the brain when you sweat at work it’s not debatable, it changes life. Everybody around you benefits when you have fitness in your life.


  1. As long as you can walk and breathe, you can participate in Deka inspired training class or Deka event.

  2. Deka is not even a fitness exercise, it was a basic movement for survival a long time ago.

  3. Everybody who gets into fitness, it touches their lives.

  4. Everybody around you will benefit when you have fitness in your life.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about how Yancy Culp co-founded Deka and his vision to make every community in the United States and eventually the entire World participate in the Deka family!

His journey in making the Deka and the success it already achieved.

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