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S8: Episode 4 - Hilary DeCesare | Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Meeting Your Higher-Self

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

This week’s episode of Overcomer's Podcast we have the privilege of interviewing a multi-million dollar Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, Hilary DeCesare. She’s helping women over 40 years old find greater happiness and purpose in their lives.

We mainly talked about her book called RELAUNCH!: Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life.

Her goal in life is to help people with their journey with her 3HQ, which she developed over the years. 3HQ, a bonding of the head, heart and higher-self. She always says to “Get out of your Head, get into your Heart so you can tap your Higher-Self.” Which the Higher-self means the best version of you!

She also shared about her own meaning of BUGS (Beliefs Underground Surfacing), which means that it holds you back and they’re usually not empowering beliefs.

She believe that those who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on with limiting beliefs, must not expect that their belief system will be gone tomorrow. It will take time. In fact, neuroscience has proven that it takes 62-67 days to break a part of your brain, actually called it synaptic pruning and then create a new empowering belief.

Ultimate goal for those who will read her book is for them to have a wake up call that we all deserve to have joy, to have happiness and to have love in our life.

Don’t miss Hilary’s program this coming December. It is a challenge for everyone, a relaunch to revenue, ideally suited for entrepreneurs that are looking to scale their business.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Hilary and how she can help you identify your limiting beliefs and your BUGS in life. If you wish to connect with Hilary, visit her website at, find her on Instagram at, Facebook at or email her directly at You can also purchase her book at

For more of the Overcomer’s Podcast, check out our website at or listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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