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S8: Episode 6 - Chris Joyce | Start your Business with Zero Dollars

This week on the Overcomer’s Podcast we interviewed Chris Joyce. He is the Founder & CEO at Gusher. He is also founder of 24 companies in high tech, consumer goods, health, and manufacturing. His products have been sold in more than 11,000 stores in 23 countries. There are users of his tech products in 148 countries across the globe.

We mainly talked about Gusher and how it helped entrepreneurs succeed with starting their business with ZERO Dollars!

Chris explained that Gusher is a platform to launch companies without the need of capital, without the need of investors. People join a company in exchange for performance-based equity. So instead of hiring people and paying them, give them a percent of your company and make money together when the company succeeds. It will only take to look for the right people who also believe in your visions, missions and goals in why you're making the company. You have to be around like-minded people so that it can save you money and time.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Chris and the platform they developed (Gusher) to help start up a business to those who have great ideas but short in money to materialized their ideas.If you wish to connect with Chris, visit his website at, find her on LinkedIn at, Instagram at, Facebook at or email her directly at

For more of the Overcomer’s Podcast, check out our website at or listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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