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Episode 1: Travis & Cyndy Barnes – Rising from the Ashes

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Our names are Travis and Cyndy Barnes. We’re married and we have overcome a ton of adversity together. We started Journey Fitness in April of 2013 while living in a FEMA trailer on an unemployment check.

Travis & Cyndy Barnes

We were living in the FEMA trailer because our home had been flooded to the second floor. We had recently purchased this home after Travis came home from spending almost a decade in prison. Throughout the years we have had to overcome addiction, our own weight loss issues, health problems, most recently a pandemic and having our business shutdown.

We are launching this podcast to help people find strength in their struggle. And we want to use this podcast to provide inspiration, strategies, tools and resources to help others overcome whatever they are facing



1:51 - 5:00 - How Travis and Cyndy first met…very comical… very real… Travis says "Out of all the gin joints in the world I had to walk into hers." Travis is described as a quiet shy guy. Cyndy and Travis talk about his drug addiction and they talk about their humble beginnings. Travis reveals that he was actually homeless at one time.

6:19 - 9:33 - Travis discusses his decade of incarceration and how Cyndy took a job in a deli based on the fact that the job gave her the ability to come for the maximum number of visits. Travis discusses the pain of having his daughter visit in prison and what he did to be the best father he could from prison. Cyndy would foster the connection between Travis and his daughter, Destiny, by having Destiny wait to learn to do such things as tie her shoes when they visited the prison so Travis could play a fatherly role for Destiny and be the one to teach her to tie her shoes.

12:28 - 5:09 - Travis discusses getting his first fitness job after prison, working hard, getting his family a home and not even owning it 2 months when it was flooded to the second floor then being displaced to a FEMA trailer and while living in the FEMA trailer being fired. He compares it to the movie Jerry McGuire.

15:53 -18:43 - The birth of Journey Fitness. The best things can come from the least expected places. The landlord thought it was God’s idea that Travis and Cyndy move in. 21:53 - Your adversity can be your advantage. If you are at Rock bottom it is a great place to build. There is nowhere to go but up.

22:13 - 25:40 - Journey Fitness decides to be a franchise and we get a God whisper about the number 333.





Before Travis Barnes became a best-selling author, international presenter, founder and franchisor of Journey Fitness 333 he spent a decade of his life in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. Upon returning home to his wife and daughter he worked hard to grow himself in the fitness industry so he could buy his family a home of their own. 2 months after buying their home Tropical Storm Lee caused it to be flooded to the second floor. Approximately 1 year after the flood while still rebuilding their home and during the Christmas holiday season Travis was let go from his employment as COO for a local fitness company. After he and his wife spent 6 months as traveling trainers and while still living on an unemployment check and in a FEMA trailer, they began what is now a fitness franchise . Most recently and with the rest of the industry Travis has overcome the obstacles of the pandemic by redesigning his business. Travis has used the pandemic as an opportunity to instead of returning to business as normal, he has returned to business as better than normal. Travis is an Overcomer.

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