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S9: Episode 6 - TRX: Make Your Body Your Machine with Randy Hetrick

This week’s episode is the story of Randy Hetrick, the founder of TRX. He was a former Navy SEAL and decided to become an entrepreneur. It was a roller coaster ride for him as he was successful in his business, but then went bankrupt. Fortunately, he made connections and good relationships with people and is now running a startup business, with another being a turnaround.

When Randy was deployed, he accidentally put his jiu-jitsu blue belt in his bag. While waiting for what would happen during their deployment, there was a day he got inspired while sitting and listening to a guy talking about not being able to workout. He realized that he could use his belt for what we now call functional training. That was the first-ever TRX exercise he did in their warehouse.

After his deployment, he made a huge transition in his life. It was a scary and lonely thing for him because he loved and became every bit of a Navy SEAL. Nevertheless, he applied to business school at Stanford and never expected that he could get in. He thought that if he wanted to transition to something new, that was his time to do it. It was a whole new world for him. Business school was useful for learning new vocabularies and building a network of people who have deep expertise in things he would need.

While at Stanford, a bunch of coaches from top D1 universities kept asking him to make straps, and he realized that there might be a business in it. So, in his second year of business school, he developed it.

Randy was used to overcoming his fears, misery, and challenges during his time serving in the Navy SEALs, which was also useful in his new venture, entrepreneurship. But he has a lot of learning experiences already and overcame bankruptcy, starting another business as well.

Important things discussed:

  • TRX straps do something that nothing else does.

  • You can make your body your machine.

  • Master your own body.

  • For any product development, you really need to start with a problem.

  • 3 great tips for success

    • Hone your craft

    • Build your network

    • Stay optimistic

  • Stay humble and stay hungry for learning!

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer's Podcast to learn more about Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEALs who transitioned into an entrepreneur and a Professional fitness coach. It was not an easy journey and is still in the process of overcoming bankruptcy and building another business.

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In this episode, we explore the inspiring life of Randy Hetrick and the valuable lessons we can learn from his journey. Make sure to tune in and don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insights and inspiration.

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