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Deka Mile Women’s Pro Division World Champion, Megan Jacoby: Turn Your Weakness Into Your Strength,

This week on Overcomer’s Podcast we will learn about overcoming a lot from different life’s circumstances and becoming a Deka Mile World Champion for the Women’s Pro Division. Megan Jacoby is a single mother of a beautiful daughter and despite being a mother, having a job and other responsibilities, she can still squeeze in doing workouts and practices for her passion.

Megan has been a high performing athlete ever since. She was a runner her whole life, road racing in her 20s and starting to see success in it in her late 20s. She also had a daughter in her early 20s.

The time she won the World Champion for Deka Mile, Women’s Pro Division, it was just her 2nd time joining the event. That was a great win for her as she was accompanied by her aunt, mother and her daughter, whom she wanted to learn a lesson from in doing that event.

She shared how mindset has a big impact in achieving the things that you want in your life. Even though she’s already a high performing athlete, and is a big part of who she is, she emphasizes that mindset and loving what you do can get you to places that no one can stop you.

Megan said “When you have a passion for something, it’s much easier to make it happen. Because it’s just truly what you love doing.” That’s why she is focusing on things that she genuinely loves. She will always find a way to practice, workout, giving time to improve her “weak” point.

She also wanted to give importance to how doing something that you genuinely love and prioritizing the self can make you feel happy and fulfilled, then you become a better parent, better at work, happier in general life and more pleasant to be around.

Consistency, it may sound cliche but Megan said that no matter where you start, you can see tons of progress. And if you love something, you have to put everything into it, because you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Her biggest takeaway when she joins any events are those that didn’t go well, it’s not always what went well, because that means it is her weak area, then that is what really needs to focus her time on. The hardest part of the race is what she’ll focus on the most. But being able to put all the pieces together is also the most important.

Megan’s definition of being an overcomer is anything that you go through, go through hardship or go through trying time, and you come the other side, that’s what being an overcomer is.


  1. Mindset - putting your heart and mind to something that you genuinely love, then you’re halfway to achieving what you desire to achieve.

  2. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled then that’s how you become a better parent, better at work, happier in general life and more pleasant to be around.

  3. Consistency - No matter where you start, you can see a ton of progress.

  4. Getting comfortable of being uncomfortable. Accept it, own it, know it’s going to be hard and can push through it.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about the Women’s world champion for the Women’s pro division in the Deka Mile, Megan Jacoby. If you wish to connect with Megan Jacoby visit her Instagram at

For more of the Overcomer’s Podcast, check out our website at or listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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