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Episode 2: Bedros Keuilian – Thank God I was Molested

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a best-selling author, speaker and business consultant. He is the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp which is one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises.

Bedros acted as a mentor to Travis and Cyndy when they decided to franchise Journey. In this episode Bedros shares about being abused as a child, growing up as a poverty stricken immigrant and what it took to become the leader that he is today.

This episode is not just a rags to riches story in the material sense but also a story of what it means to also become rich in spirit.



3:10 - Bedros says "Show me someone who is successful and I will show you someone who has suffered and someone who has paid their dues."

3:33 - 5:13 - Bedros shares how he was molested between the ages of 4 and 6 and how he hid it from the world until the age of 37 when he needed to find out why he was so self destructive. He highlights how his suffering allowed him to develop coping and problem solving skills early on.

6:15 - 8:03 - Bedros says what we are missing in life is perspective. He says we need to push against our comfort zone so we can have the perspective of adversity to help us through the obstacles in life. He challenges people to find their adversity “Every adversity comes with an equal opportunity for greatness” – Napoleon Hill.

9:51 - 11:13 - Bedros speaks about the book of life and who is writing your book. In the beginning of life it is someone else but at some point you got to grab the pen and start writing in the blank pages. Life is short grab the pen.

12:13 - 15:53 - Bedros shares about the financial struggles of beginning his franchise and making a choice to dig himself out of debt instead of filing bankruptcy “If you take the hard path you will have an easy life but if you take the easy path you will have a hard life. “The person who is willing to fight through defeat will encounter temporary defeats but they will never encounter permanent failure.”

19:42 - 20:45 - Problems are God’s way of building your mental and emotional muscles.





Before Travis Barnes became a best-selling author, international presenter, founder and franchisor of Journey Fitness 333 he spent a decade of his life in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. Upon returning home to his wife and daughter he worked hard to grow himself in the fitness industry so he could buy his family a home of their own. 2 months after buying their home Tropical Storm Lee caused it to be flooded to the second floor. Approximately 1 year after the flood while still rebuilding their home and during the Christmas holiday season Travis was let go from his employment as COO for a local fitness company. After he and his wife spent 6 months as traveling trainers and while still living on an unemployment check and in a FEMA trailer, they began what is now a fitness franchise . Most recently and with the rest of the industry Travis has overcome the obstacles of the pandemic by redesigning his business. Travis has used the pandemic as an opportunity to instead of returning to business as normal, he has returned to business as better than normal. Travis is an Overcomer.

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