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S7:Episode 8 - Dan John Part 2 | Legacy

In this week’s episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast, we are continuing our talk with Dan John who shares with us his coaching legacy and clarifies the impact he wants to make on coaches. Some surprising takeaways include Dan’s advice for healthy living and secrets of exercising wisely.

Some of Dan’s advice for maintaining your health and living a longer life include getting quality sleep, drinking water, flossing your teeth, wearing your seatbelt, wearing a helmet, learning to swim and learning to ride a bike. Some other foundational basics that Dan believes are very important include routine dentist visit, annual physicals, donating blood, exercising 100 minutes per week, eating protein and eating your veggies,

Dan also shares some secrets to exercising wisely which include the 5 movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat and loaded carry. He also believes that we all should focus more on mobility over flexibility.

Check out Dan’s full interview to get some great information about exercise, longevity and much more. If you want to connect with Dan, visit his websites at and

For more of the Overcomer’s Podcast, check out our website at or listen to all of our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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