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S7 Episode11 - Brian Ford | Burpees for Vets

Hey there Overcomer Nation! Veterans’ Day is soon approaching and on this episode of the podcast, we are talking with the Cofounder of Burpees for Vets, Brian Ford. Brian is also the founder and host of Self Improvement Daily, a podcast that covers complex topics in simple ways each day in 2 to 3 minute snippets.

When you listen to the full episode of this podcast, Brian will tell you about his technology startup that led to what is now Hyperice. He also talks about being the founder of For Purpose, a social impact agency that is committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of philanthropists. Lastly, Brian will tell us about Burpees for Vets, which has partnered with 5 highly vetted non-profit organizations which help veterans with mental wellness, workforce development and community building.

Even though Brian didn’t serve in the military, he is hoping to inspire people like him with the Burpees for Vets campaign to support our nation’s heroes. His hope is to have 1000 people take the burpee challenge. There is also a reward from Spartan when you meet a certain goal. Spartan will reward you with a free ticket to any Spartan event when you raise $500 and do 500 burpees.

To connect with Brian, visit his website at We encourage you to listen to this podcast to learn more about Burpees for Vets and how you can get involved. As Brian says during this interview, “Don’t underestimate the power of you”.

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