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S7:Episode 4 - Liz Hagadorn | Overcoming Addiction

This week we are talking about overcoming addiction. Has addiction touched your life? Maybe you have suffered from addiction or know a loved one who is suffering. Regardless of if it has touched your life, this episode is sure to touch your heart. This week, our guest is Liz Hagadorn and she shares her Journey through addiction. Liz was born to a severe alcoholic father and grew up amidst a family who sold drugs. By age 16 she was already an intravenous drug user. The odds were certainly stacked against Liz ever overcoming addiction. As you can imagine, Liz's situation only grew worse. She saw her mother raped at age 16 and was incarcerated for her 18th birthday. Thankfully, this story does have a happy ending. Wait til you hear how Liz is living her life today. To learn more about how you can take a stand against addiction go here to learn about an upcoming recovery event.

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