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S3: Episode 9 - Jason DiCuia | Soberbia

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Jason DiCuia had a good childhood. A family that did well, and wanted him to do well, too. In his youth, though, he took a wrong turn. He was heavily involved with drugs and alcohol, and by the time he was in his late teens, the drugs had him in a grip so tight that he couldn’t find a way out.

He hit his rock bottom, where he had been experiencing enough pain to realize that this isn’t the life that he wanted for himself. He decided to get sober. He found a 12-Step Program that helped him take a step back and look at himself. He analyzed his actions, his thoughts, what he was doing, and what he wanted, and started taking the steps to understanding himself.

He found a life better than his wildest imagination in sobriety, and he wanted to spread his message. He started the "Soberbia" brand and started spreading the word that life is better in the recovery life.

He joins us today to talk about his life, his brand, how he got to where he is now. He teaches us about how he started mastering his own mind through meditation, and how he finds ways to find joy in the little things.

Thank you, Jason, for talking to us about your journey, and spreading the message of spiritual well-being. Can’t wait to talk to you again.

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