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S3: Episode 11 - Brandi Binkley | Healthy People Make Healthy Decisions

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Brandi Binkley has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years now. She has a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology. Prior to this, she served in the U.S. Navy during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After coming home and gaining her degree, she opened her own fitness center. During this time, she started to see the issues in the fitness industry and where they could be changed to improve the quality of life for fitness professionals everywhere.

Not many people know, but in the fitness industry the things that the people don’t see are what is really holding them back. There are so many different softwares that are needed to be used and paid for, they all cost money, and they don’t communicate with each other. The software costs people time and money constantly. Brandi’s vision is to have one software that will do everything that all these different softwares do and much more. Cutting down on overhead costs, the monthly cost of the software, and saving everyone precious time.

Because Brandi had her own fitness center, she intimately understands what the industry needs out of this software, and she’s working diligently toward getting it done. The Overcomer’s Podcast is very excited about it because we are also intimately familiar with how much of an issue this is becoming.

We hope you enjoy hearing about Brandi’s story and her quest to help fitness professionals keep their businesses open, help them help their customers much better, and to give everyone a better quality of life. As always, I loved talking to you, Brandi, and I can’t wait to do it again.

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