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S3: Episode 7 - Elias Tsoukatos | aiMonkey

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Elias Tsoukatos is an entrepreneur that was raised by entrepreneurs. He grew up in Venezuela, and his family was heavily involved in the salt business. He grew up watching his entire family start their own businesses, and he was inspired to start his own.

He didn’t go directly into the family business, but his first business was a tertiary business to his family’s businesses. He provided services for them, and it went well. This just gave him a taste of what he was looking for, though, and he wanted to continue to improve on what he was doing.

At one point, he saw an interview with Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, from the mid-1990’s. In this interview, Bezos had said that he just looked at where the most growth was happening in the world, and he used that info to put himself into a good position with a company that could only grow exponentially. Elias decided that he needed to use this method to find his next business.

Elias knew he was going to be doing into tech, but he wasn’t sure exactly what his business would do. He did his research and decided that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the area that will see the most growth in the upcoming years. So he started aiMonkey. A business that helps other businesses with creating automated systems with the use of AI.

We also talked about where AI is going, and how it is going to be influencing the world, business, jobs, and the displacement of people in the world in the coming future. This was a truly fascinating interview, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you, Mr. Tsoukatos, for the amazing conversation.

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