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S9: Episode 1 - Limitless opportunity of gratitude

This week on Overcomer’s Podcast we'll be learning about how to be grateful and ways to take action in expressing gratitude with our guest Shai Tubali.

Shai Tubali is a chakra expert, spiritual teacher, who wrote the book called The Seven Chakra Personality Types. He explained that each of the 7 chakras correspond to a certain personality and that each one of us has one strong chakra that is the driving force behind our personality.

He shared that in Hinduism there is this what they call Ātman. Ātman is like a drop that is made of an ocean, an ocean of universal consciousness. The whole idea is to realize that you were a lost drop and now you are returning to become absorbed in the great ocean. While Buddhism emphasizes a lot of the absence of self so they negate Ātman. They say there is not even an Ātman. Nothing permanent, nothing that you can hold on to because Hinduism is something eternal and permanent. Buddhism is all about everything is in constant change and reality is sort of emptiness. But not emptiness in a negative sense but in the sense of nothing that has self-existence.

He said that gratitude is what we already have, what already is. But humans as we are, we tend to believe that we are always lacking something and then we focus on those things that we lack. So he believes in intentionally expressing gratitude as it will change the way we see things and even to deal with difficult circumstances positively.

Important things discussed:

  1. Gratitude is a powerful therapy for somebody who is bitter or hardens their heart.

  2. Gratitude can be practiced in the following ways:

    1. Thinking about someone, writing to them a love letter or could be just a long text message of how grateful you are for them.

    2. Based on positive psychologist Barbara Fredrickson; broadening effect - positive emotions can broaden our being because they also broaden the range of our actions and behavior in life.

    3. From Buddhist practice, Tonglen; Being grateful for people who represent difficulties in our lives.

    4. Being grateful by noticing all those people who are part of our lives and we don’t even typically acknowledge them such as the clerk at the store.

  3. 7 Chakra Personality Type - each of 7 chakras corresponds to a certain personality.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Shai Tubali, his perspective and ways in expressing gratitude. If you wish to connect with Shai Tubali, visit his website, Facebook at, Instagram at or Youtube Channel

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