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S7:Episode 5 - Jared Lamb | Overcoming Autism

Jared Lamb has been a member of Journey Fitness for just over a year. He came to Journey to not only lose weight, but to help him with the struggles that come with autism. He was diagnosed with autism at age 2 1/2, but has overcome those struggles with the help of his family, friends, fitness and his own personal self-talk.

Jared has competed and been a medalist in the US Summer games in Seattle in 2018 and the World Games in Abu Dhabi in 2019 for the Special Olympics. He won 6th in the 400m and 7th in the 4x100 relay race. Jared currently is playing softball for the Special Olympics and last year his team won the NY State Championship. Over the past year, he lost 50 pounds by being a consistent member at Journey Fitness and taking his nutrition seriously.

Take a listen to Jared’s full interview on iTunes or Spotify and be inspired. He will tell about his life before joining Journey, explain his perspective of autism and share with us what being an overcomer means to him. He is a true Overcomer.

If you would like more information about autism, visit Check out more of the Overcomer’s Podcasts on YouTube or on their official website

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