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S7:Episode 1 - Debra Stangl | Where the Magic Happens

Hello Overcomer Nation! On this week’s podcast we are talking with the Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, Debra Stangl. She shares her journey from being an unhappy, stressed out divorce attorney to finding personal healing through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection and aligning with the highest part of herself.

Debra is the founder of Sedona Soul Adventures and the author of the international bestseller The Journey to Happy. She tells of her own Journey starting from years of feeling stuck and trying to figure out what else to do. Daily prayer and meditation led to a vision for her future. She closed her law practice and began her work at Sedona. She now helps people move back into connection on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The secret is finding and releasing and moving out the wounds and the gunk. When we are in connection with the highest part of ourselves, we believe in the idea of creating our own reality.

Debra helps people by finding ways to release the things that are holding them back. It usually begins with some element of “I’m not enough.” Loving ourselves is the most powerful thing we can do. It’s much more than positive thinking – it’s changing your focus. Debra’s message is that real and lasting change is possible – no matter what the circumstance. We simply have to take responsibility for our lives.

To learn more about Debra or Sedona Soul Adventures, visit,, or check out the YouTube channel

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