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S6:Episode3 - Carolin Hauser | Energetic Healing through Family Constellations

Did you know that people who suffer an addiction for more than 10 years have only a 5% chance of living to be 30? Carolin Hauser shares how she suffered from an eating disorder from the young age of 10 until she found help at age 20.

Carolin found the help she needed when she attended a Family Constellations weekend. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, that weekend helped her to find the healing she needed as well as her life’s purpose. Six months after she attended this weekend, she discerned that she had healed herself from her disorder. She then began traveling the world to learn everything she could about this methodology, and dedicated her life to it.

The job of a Family Constellations facilitator is to figure out how to bring balance back to the family and figure out where love isn’t flowing and get the energy and the love flowing again. This process is very investigative. Carolin shares that during her personal constellation, it came out that her eating disorder was tied to the trauma that her grandmother suffered when the Soviet military removed her from her home and placed her in an internment camp for 10 years.

To learn more about Carolin’s story, listen to this week’s episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Maybe you are looking for help and healing from an addition or disorder and this type of methodology or process can help. You can connect with Carolin on Facebook or at her website Carolin also has a YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and search for Carolin Hauser.

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