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S6:Episode 9 - Boo Schexnayder | Knee Injuries – Rehab and Return to Play

Irving “Boo” Schexnayder was our guest on the latest episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast. Boo will be a presenter at the upcoming Perform Better Summit. He also lectures domestically and internationally in the fields of biomechanic training design, motor learning and speed and power development. He has coached national champions, world champions, Olympic medalists in track & field and possesses 12 years with NFL player development. He consults regularly with programs of all sport levels in the areas of training and program design. Boo has 35 years of coaching experience at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

While Boo claims he hasn’t had much adversity in his life, we did learn that a change in faculty at the school where he thought he would have a lifelong career, pushed him from his coaching and teaching career into something even better. Boo thought he would always teach math and didn’t plan on being a rehab person, but states “if you do good work, people offer you opportunities to do other things”. Even before he left his teaching career, Boo had offers to coach some small-time college football, but turned them down. When the work environment changed and it wasn’t nearly as fun, he took the next job offer as a college track coach.

Boo has had a very successful coaching career and has taken what he has learned from coaching able-bodied athletes and applied those principles in the rehab field. He even stated on the podcast “I’m not a rehab person, but I know I’m not dumb either”. He took what he already knew and applied it. He will be sharing more information at the Perform Better Summit about sports related injuries and the basic supporting science for the way he does rehabilitation. Boo will also hold a practical, hands-on session that will walk you through the progression of knee rehabilitation and how he gets his ACL patients back to 100% in 4 ½ to 5 months post-surgery.

Check out the full interview with Boo on iTunes and Spotify.

If you are attending the Perform Better Summit in Providence, RI, you can get some hands-on training from Boo. Learn more about Boo and Schexnayder Athletic Consulting at

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