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S6:Episode 5 - Justine Prestwich | Accessing the Freedom We Crave

Does your life need a transformation? Do you need to find who you really are? Justine Prestwich, a transformational and life coach shares her story with us and suggests different modalities that can help you access the freedom that your inner presence craves.

Justine was living life on a “Hollywood high” but realized that was just a fairytale after she learned that the man she fell in love with was a high functioning heroin addict. Her life then began to fall apart until she went to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. From there, she found her way to Sedona where she began her life transformation.

Sedona has been a gravitational force in Justine’s life. She shares on the podcast that if you’re needing to go through a strong transformation, Sedona supports you and pushes you. The energy of Sedona has catapulted her onto a less traveled path of self discovery.

Justine talks about using the Enneagram and heliotropic breathwork to help us move out of our own inner presence. She states that we need to remember our wholeness and find ways to access the freedom we are craving. The externals in life and our egos aren’t doing it. Our egos are like a straight jacket and Justine wants to help loosen that straight jacket to give us more room to breathe.

Check out Justine’s full interview on iTunes and Spotify. You can also learn more and connect with her at or

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