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S6:Episode 4 - Matt Espeut | Changing your “Why Me” to “Why Not Me?”

Are you a person who finds yourself saying “Why me, why me?” – and blaming others for the problems in your life? On today's Overcomer’s Podcast episode, Matt Espeut tells us to turn your “why me?” to “why not me?” Matt is a fitness, health, and wellness entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He runs and manages the fitness studio Providence Fit Body Boot Camp where he leads a team of experts that shape individuals into the best versions of themselves.

A tall, skinny kid and a self-proclaimed “scrapper”, he was harassed by a friend and was told if he didn’t start lifting weights he was going to get his a## kicked. Matt claims if you challenge him, he’s going to be all in. This mentality is what got him through The Project, which is a 75 hour, fully immersive, self development program for men and what will get him through the Death Race. Ultimately it’s this mentality that is getting him through life.

Everyone will face adversity at some point in their life. As most of us learn, life is hard and life isn’t fair. However, we can grow through our adversities. As Matt says, “we grow when we’re in the zone of adversity.” You don’t want to side-step adversity. It should be faced head on. Hard stuff will come and you always have to be ready for it! If you’re always ready, you never have to get ready!

Check out more of Matt’s story on the Overcomer’s Podcast on iTunes and Spotify. To connect with Matt, visit his website at, his gym’s website at or you can find him on Instagram @Matt Espeut, on Facebook or contact him by email at

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