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S5:Episode 12 - Death Race | The Toughest Race in the World

Have you ever heard of the Spartan Death Race? Have you ever been crazy enough to want to give it a try? The Death Race is a race like no other. It puts athletes through not only physical challenges, but mental challenges that will push them to their breaking point. This is a grueling race that can last up to 72 hours. Each race is unique in its own way, not having a definite start line or end time. It is an ultimate test of each individual’s mental and physical abilities. Many will try, but few will finish.

On this week’s episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast, Travis talks with three of those crazy folks who have decided to challenge themselves like they have never been challenged before! The three people I’m talking about are Jeremy Purifoy, Franchise owner of Journey Corning, Jeff Case, Franchise owner of Journey Horseheads and Samuel Jackson, Director of Journey Virtual.

Jeremy actually broke the news to his wife on the podcast that he accepted Travis’ invitation to participate in this race. He was very intrigued with this challenge and shares that we should all challenge ourselves. He believes that others won’t follow you if you don’t lead from the front. Jeremy feels that you should all take yourself to another level which can be a huge motivation for others. He is dedicating this race to his Journey members and his kids.

When the opportunity arose for Jeff, aka JC, to participate in this race, he explained that he believes in Journey and what Travis and Cyndy are doing. He just wants to align himself with what’s going on and have the same kind of impact that Journey has had on so many people. Jeff stated that he doesn’t want to be average. “In the eyes of average people, average is outstanding.” This opportunity will challenge him to be outstanding!

Sam is very excited for this opportunity. He loves the idea of being a part of something that not everyone can do. This race isn’t something that you can just buy a ticket for. You have to be noticed by someone and get invited. He is a big comic book fan and claims this challenge is “basically Mortal Kombat”.

Check out the full interview with these three on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

If you’d like to connect with them, find them on facebook:

Note for Death Racers

*We challenge you to get at least one friend to sign up and join you this summer.

The code: DRFRIENDS is good for 15% off a Summer Death Race entry. For every friend you get to sign up with that code there will be an advantage for you during the race.

Get those friends signed up and training!!

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