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S4: Episode 8 - Pauline Nguyen | Manifesting Mastery

Pauling Nguyen, a successful entrepreneur, author, runaway, and survivor. She’s been through much in her life, and to understand how she got where she is today, we have to understand where she came from. There are few people who have been through and overcome as much as she has, let’s see where she has come from and where she is today.

Pauline was born in Communist Vietnam, and experienced it during the war. As forces withdrew from Vietnam, her father knew that they were going to start putting people into re-education camps, and he wasn’t going to allow them to do that. He built a boat and smuggled his family to Australia. They narrowly escaped the bounty that was out for escaping Vietnamese that pirates were collecting on, during this time.

Once they got to Australia, her father became quite the Entrepreneur. After leaving the refugee camps, they moved to a city in Australia called Cabramatta and opened up its first video library and first ice cream parlor. During this time, Pauline had started working full-time at the age of 7. Her father then became a barista, opened a restaurant, and had a driving school. This is what taught her about being an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately her father was very abusive. He would regularly beat his children. As said before, Pauline was made to work full-time at the age of 7, as well as get perfect grades. Her two brothers also started working at even younger ages. Though this was an incredibly difficult and negative situation. Pauline has used it to give her resiliency and drive her forward into success. She doesn’t allow herself to become a victim, and she learned about mastery and business. This has all made her who she is today.

At 17 years old, she decided to run away because of the abuse. Her father and his men searched for her for many years. During this time, she had gotten some incredible jobs because of her level of mastery and work ethic. She used the money from this to put herself through university, as well, because she didn’t want her great grades to go to waste.

She now owns several businesses. Her most famous is the Red Lantern, an absolutely exceptional Vietnamese restaurant. She’s also an author. Her first book being Secrets of the Red Lantern. She has since continued her way down both of these paths.

We explore all of her life, including her mentality and her spiritual life, the struggles she went through, the things that she has done to be the woman she is today. Please join us for the full interview because Pauline’s story is amazing, she has an iron will, and we get a sneak peek into how she became everything she is today.

Thank you for reading, and a big thanks to Pauline for coming onto our podcast and giving us so much of herself. I hope we get to talk again.

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