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S4: Episode 6 - Charlotte Dunford | Strength From Struggle

Charlotte Dunford is a woman from humble beginnings. She started her life in Communist China, a very tyrannical regime. Her family was not of the upper class, didn’t have very much money, and lived in Northern China where it is extremely cold for about half the year. At a young age, she knew that this is not where she wanted to continue living her life.

When she was 16, Charlotte decided that she wanted to travel to the United States. She didn’t speak the language, didn’t have an exchange program, and didn’t know anybody, but she knew she wanted to go anyway. She did know that she wanted to finish high school there, and get into an elite college. She found a family that would take her, learned the language, got into a high school, excelled, and got into and graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology. One of the main driving factors behind what she had done was because in Communist China you can’t own private property, and that is what led her into her career.

She now is a Managing Partner for Johns Creek Capital, and she is heavily involved with the acquisition of land for trailer parks, as well as buying high quality trailers, and renting those out, as well. This is something that isn’t the biggest type of real estate and property management that you see, but she has helped the company grow to what it is today, sponsoring the repositioning of 24 value-add and turnaround mobile home parks.

From the grip of Communist China, where no one can own property, to owning, managing, and excelling in real estate, Charlotte Dunford has truly Overcome quite a bit in her life, and the journey that she had to go through gave her the strength, understanding, and perspective to continue to achieve at such a high level.

Tune into our podcast with her to learn even more about her story. She is truly an incredible woman!

We also are supplying her website and her email if you're interested in investing in Johns Creek Capital and their properties. You can follow them at:

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