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S4: Episode 5 - Jeremy Purifoy | Better Versions of Yourself

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Jeremy Purifoy is a trainer, a coach, the owner of a Journey location. He’s also a man that has fought his own weight-loss battles, who has been through depression, injuries, set-backs. He’s a man who has fought for what he believes in and for his family.

Jeremy always knew he wanted to be in fitness. He tells a story about how, in the 7th grade, he wasn’t good enough to make the basketball team, and instead of letting that get him down, he practiced and trained until he was good enough. Then, the next year, he made the team. This let down and then comeback is something that taught him a lot about life, and illustrates the kind of mentality he has. He wanted to continue playing sports into college, but sustained a shoulder injury, and could no longer go with it. At this time, he started to put on a lot of weight, and hit the 270lb mark. He couldn’t believe he let himself go that far, and that’s when he decided that he had to lose the weight.

He watched what he ate, added cardio into his lifting routine, and rapidly lost 50lbs. He got a job at a gym, Grand Central Fitness, in January of 2014 and was feeling good about his life. He had a daughter on the way, a woman he loved, and a job in the industry he wanted. Then, a month after he got the job, the entire place burned down, and he started to fall into a bad place again. Travis Barnes called him in April of 2014, and offered him a job at Journey. Jeremy had reached out to him in 2013 of the previous year, and he got the call to come in and be a trainer.

This set off a chain of events that led to Jeremy losing a total of 87 lbs., and actually opening the second Journey Fitness location not even a full year later. He is inspiring people to this day, while running a very successful business. We’ve known him for almost 8 years, and we’re grateful for every single one of them.

Come here the full story from his own mouth on our podcast. We loved doing the interview, and we hope that you love it, too!

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