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S4: Episode 1 - David Lindsay | The Three Pillars

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

David Lindsay is a man who has had many hills and valleys in his life. He’s been a professional rugby player, a professional arm wrestler, and he even obtained a black belt in Wing Chun. The reason that he has moved from one to another is because of some severe injuries that he’s sustained. Something that could have crippled him, actually lifted him up and changed his life and put him in a different direction.

During his Rugby league he ended up hurting his knee, and could not recover in such a way as to continue. He then moved on to professional arm wrestling, and during one of his matches he broke his humerus. This is now two professional competitive settings that he had to be taken out of, and instead of giving up he decided that he wanted to become a black belt in Wing Chun. An absolutely incredible feat that is a massive testament to his character and mental fortitude.

Now David is a personal trainer who spends his time helping Olympians and CEOs achieve their highest performance in their respective sport or field-of-business. He has taken what he’s learned from his life in martial arts and professional sports, as well as general physical training, and found a way to apply that to their lives, and the lives of normal people as well. He’s done this by creating the “Three Pillars to High Performance” course, which anyone can check out.

He even has a special promotion for the Overcomer Nation. Any person who is listening, if you become interested in the Three Pillars course, you can get 20% off the entire course. You go to, you put the promo code “plovercomers” into the box when you’re purchasing the product, and you go from paying just under $200 to just under $160! There’s a lot of value in this product, I recommend trying it out.

In our interview we talked about everything from how to overcome injuries and find the silver lining in everything that happens, to the second pillar in his course, to how to achieve high-performance in whatever field you're interested in. It was an extremely fun conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’d like to thank David for taking the time to talk to me, and I’d like to thank you for listening!

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